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    2 GB data Left Your Network ...
    3:15 am Last Sunday

    It Took an Average 49 days to Detect a Data Breach

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    Real Time, Inline & Working
    Cyber Threat Intelligence

    Checks & Tags, Every IP Address & DNS Hostname, for Known Good & Known Bad, On the Fly

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    https over Port 443 ...
    & Checking WHOAMI ...

    A Web Server Should Not Be Doing This - Behavioural Analytics

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    Visualise Network Traffic
    Historic & Forensic

    Network Security Monitoring - Proactive Querying Network for Security Data

Our Products

Athena CTI (Cyber Threat Intelligence)
  • An Elasticsearch Plugin
  • Annual CTI subscription
  • Checks Every IP & DNS Hostname
  • for Known Good & Known Bad
Athena NetFlow
  • Athena CTI &
  • Packaged Software Appliance
  • Network Packets from Span Ports
  • Visualise Network in Real Time
  • Historic & Forensic
Athena Netica
  • Athena NetFlow &
  • UI for Search & Aggregation
  • Scheduled Search & Notification
  • NetFlow, https & DNS Analytics
  • Detects Malware, Data Exfiltration,..
Athena Logtica
  • Athena Netica &
  • Syslog, HIDS, NIDS, etc.
  • Key Fields Normalized
  • Firewall, Web, Logon,.. Analytics
  • Detects ATO, System Compromise,..

Our Services

Managed SOC

SOC is a process of Collection > Discovery > Analysis > Report. Without proper & customised rules, SIEM reports statistics of collection only; But rules generate thousands of alerts every day, someone has to keep looking and attempt to draw conclusions, for notifications which are Actionable.

Remote Monitoring

Know About Problems Before Your Customers. WebWatch monitors your websites from multiple regions. We make sure it is accessible for everybody and verifies errors before sending notifications, it also analyse content of websites for presence or absence of strings of keywords. DNSWatch monitors if any change of the IP address(es) resolved from your DNS hostnames.

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Everyday, In Average, We Process ...

GB Logs Collected
Queries Processed
Alerts Generated
Actionable Alerts

Why Doctor A Security

Accelerating Detection

Reduce the amount of time it takes to respond to known and unknown threat activities by leveraging Doctor A Security's Threat Intelligence and Security Analytics.

Expert Minds of SOC

Our highly skilled specialists are dedicated to deliver superior results & cutting-edge research to solve your real-world security problems.